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  • MasTec | Infrastructure that Delivers Leading specialty contractor engineers, designs and constructs infrastructures for electric power generation and transmission, oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable energy facilities and wireless networks.
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    Fort Monmouth Cable Plant Design and Installation

    Wireline | Fort Monmouth, NJ

    Scope of Work

    Department of the Army - designed and built a redundant telecommunications pathway between the telecom building on the main post and the Army's nearby Charles Wood facility. Designed to perform for decades without maintenance, the entire pathway is concrete encased for durability. Six underground ducts were installed along with 18,000 feet of 144 strand fiber cable. Since the cable route passes through various jurisdictions, MasTec had to obtain and coordinate a large number of digging permits and right-of-ways, including: the Army, town, county, NJ DOT, local telephone company, and railroad.

    Services Employed

    • Design, Engineering, & Installation Fiber Optic OSP
    • Right-of Way, Permits
    • Testing
    • Project Management

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