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  • MasTec | Infrastructure that Delivers Leading specialty contractor engineers, designs and constructs infrastructures for electric power generation and transmission, oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable energy facilities and wireless networks.
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    Fueling the advancement of clean-burning power.

    With an increasing demand for energy security, and rising attention to global environmental concerns, MasTec is working to develop viable biofuel solutions for renewable, reliable, and clean-burning power. We're pioneering the design and construction of facilities powered by a wide variety of innovative energy sources, including ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-mass, waste-to-energy, geothermal, waste heat, combined heat and power (CHP), and more.

    Throughout every phase of a project, we focus on operational efficiency, and work to understand long-range implications of design features at every stage of construction and operation. Our services extend from site preparation, to balance-of-plant construction, and start up to ongoing maintenance and shutdown services. We are committed to delivering cost-effective options for maximum-power output, while maintaining the highest levels of safety, security, and quality.


    Construction Management
    Project Management
    Direct Hire / Self Perform
    • Civil
    • Concrete
    • Structural
    • Equipment
    • Boiler Erection
    • Piping
    • Electrical
    • Instrumentation and Controls
    Start Up & Commissioning
    • Construction Site
    • Temporary Facilities
    • Design
    • Installation

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